NWPV Camps

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for spring or summer.

Please check back January 2019 for more information!


Our Legendary Pole Vault Camps Turn 30 this Year


Though our teaching system has always evolved and improved, what has never changed in 3 decades is that there is no better place for young pole vaulters to develop.  We’ve started thousands for the first time, and accomplished veterans come year after year for their annual tune-ups with the best coaching, drills, curriculum and take-home practice plans to build upon.  Among others, our featured assistant coach will be UW’s Pat Licari.


Since there is no venue quite as resourceful with equipment and apparatus as out downtown training center, this summer we’ll run two camps to make room enough for our usual summer clients.  Hot sun? Rain? Wind?  No worries for us inside.  As all great Washington vaulters have discovered, summer camps, training sessions and track meets can greatly enhance your progress beyond those who vault in the spring only. 

We look very forward to having you join us and joining the throngs of NWPV athletes who dominate the award podiums around the state.