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Club closed for two more weeks:

How fast things change on the landscape of our public health crisis!  We have shut down all outdoor trainings and private sessions for the next two weeks.  We've kept sessions scheduled on the club calendar starting April 8th in hopes that we may be able to operate at some level.  Many of you know that we've kept our cleaning and safe distancing protocols to a high standard but also recognize the need to follow the state mandate for the sake of all in our area.  Tim has outlined below methods to stay active and ideas to train at home.

As we mentioned before, we hope you consider maintaining your monthly plan, but we completely understand that many of you could be facing similar challenges like ours.  If you want us to pause or cancel your plan, please send me an email to my address:

At home training:

  1. New protocols in the strictest applications still encourage folks to get outside to walk, hike, bike or run where it can be done without offending CDC social distancing or common touch surfaces (like swings, railings, etc). This means everyone ought to have a plan for hitting the local track or field and staying fast, either alone or with a buddy.  I have posted speed workouts on the Training Tips tab on my website.   Ideally, you should have a tape measure (Home Depot $15), some type of cone or markers (tennis balls cut in half), a 10’ PVC pole for plants, a sliding box or an old towel to lay down in a U shape on the track and an actual pole for approach work. This is a great time to polish weightless pole carry, smooth gravity pole drops and explosive take-offs measurable by flight distance from TO point to landing point.  For any interested, I will check out used poles from my bin at home for folks to keep as theirs for the weeks ahead.  Email or call if you want one. 

  2. Staying strong.  Many of you have basic weights at home which are great to make use of.  There are two kinds of strength we need, ground supported and hand supported.  From the ground, you need explosive power developed by Olympic-style lifting both deep squatting (for acceleration) and shallow squatting (for max velocity) that are done with 70% of a maximum single lift 5 times for 3-4 sets.  I will post my best description of such workouts within 2 days.  I’d love to video what each lift looks like, but I’m not qualified to seam the clips together.  Perhaps one of my sons can help me.  Second, hand supported strength is developed on rings or bars.  CrossFit rings are ubiquitous online and cheaper than any kind of bars.  Have a high hanging beam under a deck or in the garage?  A tree limb in the yard?  These rings adjust with straps, so you can make them level from an uneven branch.  A little crossover work can be done as total body core work with furniture sliders, med balls, swiss balls, etc.  If I can, I will describe these with video also.  

  3. Your creative industry: nothing is more important at times of unexpected interruption due to injury, corona virus or anything else, than your passionate figuring out how to stay on mission and succeed.  Renaud Lavillenie has been posting some beautiful videos of his working out with his baby girl from his home gym. This is a call to you all:  Send me videos of your own best home workouts for pole vaulting, and I will relay these onto others either on my Instagram, YouTube or by way of a blog each week.  Think of how fun it would be to see the club mates doing their thing in their creative ways at home.  We still have a joint mission to kick butt together as soon as meets resume.   Lets keep the momentum going.  


Most critically, keep yourself and your elders safe with best CDC practices.  Please don’t be like those careless young adults at Daytona Beach or Greenlake who are blowing off all concerns and putting our hospital systems at deeper risk.

Thank you for your continued support, patience and flexibility during this surreal time.  Stay healthy!

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