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world-class flight instruction

We have a new home!

 Our training practice to the University of Washington's Dempsey Indoor Center
We host several pole vault camps that are open to athletes of all levels.
Pole vault spe
cific speed and weight raining has been added for athletes wanting to have the ultimate training package.


NWPV Track & Field Clinics

For the past 9 years under the direction of coach Tim Reilly, NW Pole Vault has been offering the most productive pole vault instruction in the USA, raising scores of champions from the league, state, national and even world level.  Now as an assistant coach at the University of Washington, this teaching legacy will continue for northwest athletes aspiring to maximize their potential.

As always, athletes with every level of experience, from raw beginner to All-American, will find world class instruction that meets their needs, indoors in the UW Dempsey Center. 

NWPV Clinics and future camps are open to any and all entrants, from 6th grade to adult. 

Clinics - or sessions - are limited only by number to assure quality of instruction.

Not eligible:  College athletes that participate in other NCAA Division One track programs.

There are exceptions so please contact us.

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