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NWPV Summer Camp
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Spring 2022 camp

At the moment camp dates are waiting for approval from the University of Washington.

Most likely our next camp will be this Winter.

We will have Spring camps!

If you are interested in camp updates and not currently on our mailing list please contact:


Wherever NWPV athletes have traveled over the past few years, folks keep asking, “What the heck is going on at your club that produces so many All-American athletes?   For distant athletes especially, a 3-day camp is the perfect chance to find out.  Though our teaching system has always evolved and improved, what has never changed in over three decades is that there is no better place for young pole vaulters to develop. 


We’ve trained thousands for the first time, and accomplished veterans come year after year for their annual tune-ups with the best coaching, drills, curriculum and take-home practice plans to build upon.


   NWPV Campers can expect comprehensive education about:

  • pole vault physics,

  • learning sequences

  • drill interventions to correct technique

  • introductions to vault-specific weight training and gymnastic drills


Whether you have just tried vaulting and have been infected with a new passion, or you are a seasoned high school or collegiate athlete (with the exception of NCAA Division One athletes) with potential you know is untapped, you could not be in better hands than you will be with us.


Though our training center is equipped with full-time video analysis, parents are welcome to video anything we do, and coaches are encouraged to shadow us all day long to maximize takeaways for their programs at home.  

We’re excited to having you join the NWPV community for this camp and beyond.  Until then, Don’t stop believing.

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